Indian Campaigns

1782-1787 Wyoming Valley War in Pennsylvania.
1790-1795 War with the Northwest Territory Indians: Mingo; Miami; Wyandot; Delaware; Potawatomi; Shawnee; Chippewa; and Ottawa.  (September 19, 1790, to August 3, 1795)
1811 War with the Indians in the Indiana Territory, terminating with General Harrison's defeat of the Confederate tribes at Tippecanoe, Indiana Territory. (September 21 to November 18, 1811)
1812 Florida or Seminole War, during which Spanish Florida was invaded by the Georgia Militia under General Newman.  The conflict continued until Florida was ceded by Spain to the United States.  (August 15 to October 1812)
1813 Peoria Indian War in Illinois Territory (September 19 to October 21, 1813)
1813-1814 Creek Indian War in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi Territory. It was during this War that General Andrew Jackson first attracted attention as a commander. He defeated the Creeks at Talladega, at Emuckfau, at Enotochopco, and finally at the Horseshoe Bend of the Tallapoosa River.  (July 27, 1813 to August 9, 1814)
1817-1818 Seminole Indian War in Georgia and Florida. It was during this war that Jackson took possession of the Spanish territory, seized St. Marks and Pensacola, Florida Territory, hanged two Englishmen, Arbuthnot and Ambrister, for inciting Indian hostilities, and brought the Indians to terms. (November 20, 1817, to October 31, 1818) 
1823 Campaign against Arickaree Indians at the Upper Missouri River
1827 Fever River expedition against the Indians in Illinois
1827 Winnebago expedition in the Wisconsin Territory; also called La Fevre Indian War  (June 28 to September 27, 1827)
1831 Sauk and Fox Indian War in Illinois  (June and July, 1831)
1832 Black Hawk Indian War in Illinois and Wisconsin Territory. Black Hawk escaped from General Atkinson, but surrendered at Prairie du Chien, August 27, 1832. He was taken to Washington to see the "Great Father", and ever afterward lived at peace with the whites, finally settling upon the Des Moines River, in Iowa Territory, where he died October 3, 1838.  (April 26 to September 30, 1832)
1834 Pawnee expedition in the Indian Territory  (June to September, 1834)
1835-1836 The Toledo War, or Ohio and Michigan boundary dispute
1835-1842 Florida or Seminole Indian War in Florida Territory, Georgia and Alabama. (December 8, 1835 to August 14, 1842)
1836-1837 Sabine or Southwestern Indian disturbance in Louisiana. (April, 1836 to April, 1837)
1836 Heatherly Indian troubles on the Missouri and Iowa line. (July to November, 1836)
1836-1838 Cherokee disturbances and removal to the Indian Territory
1837 Osage Indian War in Missouri
1847-1848 Cayuse Indian War in Oregon  (December, 1847 to July, 1848)
1849-1855 Texas and New Mexico Territory Indian War
1849-1855 Apache, Navajo, and Utah War
1849-186l Navajo troubles in New Mexico Territory
1849-186l Continuous disturbances with Comanche, Cheyenne, Lipan and Kickapoo Indians in Texas
1850 Pit River Expedition, California  (April 28 to September 13, 1850)
1850-1853 Utah Indian disturbances
185l-1852 California Indian disturbances
185l-1856 Rogue River Indian War in Oregon Territory (June 17 to July 3, 1851; August 8 to September 1853; March to June 1856)
1854 Oregon Indian War in Oregon Territory  (August and September, 1854)
1855 Yakima Expedition, Washington Territory, commanded by Maj. Gabriel J. Rains, and composed of a small body of regulars and a regiment of mounted Oregon troops. The expedition was a failure. The following year, under command of Col. Geo. Wright, U.S.A., better success was had against the Indian allies and peace subsequently compelled. (October 11 to November 24, 1855)
1855 Klamath and Salmon River Indian War in Oregon Territory  (January to March, 1855)
1855 Winna's Expedition against Snake Indians of the Oregon Territory (May 24 to September 8, 1855)
1855-1856 Cheyenne and Arapaho troubles
1855-1858 Florida Indian War (December 15, 1855 to May 8, 1858)
1857 Sioux Indian troubles in Minnesota Territory and Iowa  (March and April, 1857)
1858 Expedition against northern Indians, Washington Territory  (July 17 to October 17. 1858)
1858 Spokane, Coeur d'Alene and Paloos Indian troubles
1858 Navajo Expedition in the New Mexico Territory (September 9 to December 25, 1858)
1858-1859 Wichita Expedition, Indian Territory (September 11, 1858, to December, 1859)
1859  Colorado River Expedition in California  (February 11 to April 28, 1859)
1859 Pecos Expedition in Texas  (April 16 to August 17, 1859)
1860 Kiowa and Comanche Expedition, Indian Territory (May 8 to October 11, 1860)
1860-1861 Navajo Expedition in the New Mexico Territory (September 12, 1860 to February 24, 1861)
1861-1864 Campaign against the Cheyenne Indians
1862-1863 Sioux Indian War in Minnesota and the Dakota Territory, during which the Sioux killed nearly 1,000 settlers in Minnesota. Generals Sibley and Sully pursued them with about 5,000 men, scattering in the Dakota Territory.  In 1863 the Minnesota Sioux were removed to the Dakota Territory.
1863-1869 War against the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Kiowa and Comanche Indians in Kansas, and the Nebraska, Colorado, and Indian Territories
1865-1868 Campaign against Indians in southern Oregon, Idaho Territory and northern California.
1867-1869 Campaign against Indians in Kansas, the Colorado Territory and Indian Territory.
1867-1881 Campaign against Lipan, Kiowa, Kickapoo and Comanche Indians and Mexican border disturbances.
1874 Sioux expedition in the Wyoming Territory and Nebraska (February 13 to August, 1874)
1872-1873 Modoc Indian War in Oregon and California  (November 22, 1872 to October 3, 1873)
1873 Campaign against Apache Indians in the Arizona and New Mexico Territories
1874-1875 Campaign against Kiowa, Cheyenne and Comanche Indians in Indian Territory  (August 1, 1874, to February 16, 1875)
1876-1877 Big Horn and Yellowstone expeditions in the Wyoming and Montana Territories, during which, three converging expeditions under Generals Gibbon, Custer and Terry were sent against the hostile Sioux, who had previously repulsed General Crook in the Little Big Horn country. Custer divided his command when in the vicinity of the Indians.  He and 250 of his men, were surrounded and killed, to a man, by at least 3,000 Sioux Warriors. The bands of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and other hostiles afterward fled into Canada, from whence they did not return for some years. Eventually all came into the agencies.  (February 17, 1876, to June 13, 1877)
1876-1879 War with Northern Cheyenne Indians in Indian Territory, Kansas, and the Wyoming, Dakota, Nebraska and Montana Territories.
1877 Nez Perce Indian War in Utah, Washington, and Wyoming Territories.
1878 Bannock Indian War in Idaho, Washington, and Wyoming Territories
1878 Bannock and Paiute Campaign (May 30 to September 4, 1878)
1878-1879 Campaign against Cheyenne Indians in Dakota and Montana Territories
1879 Ute expedition in Colorado (April 3 to September 9, 1879).
1879 Snake or Sheepeater Indian troubles in the Idaho Territory  (August to October, 1879)
1879  White River campaign against Ute Indians in Utah Territory and Colorado  (September 29 to October 5, 1879)
1890-1891 Sioux Indian disturbances in South Dakota  (November, 1890 to January, 1891)
1898 Chippewa Indian disturbances, Leech Lake, October

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