The following list is an extensive, though certainly not exhaustive, list of tomes pertaining to Indian Wars in the United States.  These publications are excellent resources for those interested in historical data, as well as documenting the service of ancestors.

Abell, Hon. Richard Bender, Interview: Anniversary of the Fort Mims Massacre Troy
   University Public Radio.
By Ann Hart. Troy, Alabama, 2012 Audio.
  (click here)

Adkins-Rochette, Patricia,
Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the
   Civil War:  Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains 
Self-Published, 2006

Brady, Cyrus TownsendThe Sioux Indian Wars from the Powder River to the Little
   Big Horn 
New York:  Barnes & Noble, 1992

Calloway, Colin G., The Shawnees and the War for America  New York:  Penguin
  Library of American Indian History, 2007

Carroll, John M., The Indian Wars Campaign Medal: Its History and Its Recipients
  New York:  J.M. Carroll and Company, 1992 (re-published)

Carroll, John M., The Papers of the Order of  Indian Wars  Colorado: The Old Army
  Press, 1975

Conway, John, The Sioux Indian Wars  Connecticut:  Monarch Books, 1962

Cottrell, Steve Civil War in the Indian Territory  Louisiana:  Pelican Publishing
  Company, 1998

Crocker, Thomas E., Braddock's March Pennsylvania: Westhome Publishing, LLC, 2009

Custer, George A., My Life on the Plains  Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press, 1966

Davis, Britton, The Truth About Geronimo Connecticut: Yale University Press 1929

Fairfax, Downey, Indian Wars of the U.S. Army  Connecticut:  Monarch Books, 1964

Faulk, Odie B., Crimson Desert, Indian Wars of the American Southwest  New York: 
  Oxford University Press, 1974

Faulk, Odie B., The Geronimo Campaign New York:  Oxford University Press 1969

Ferris, Robert G., Ed., Soldier and Brave: Historic Places Associated with Indian
   Affairs and the Indian Wars in the Trans-Mississippi West
  Washington, D. C.:
  United States Department of the Interior, 1971

Finnell, Arthur Louis. Compiler, The Continental Society Sons of Indian Wars Lineage
   of Members, Volume I
  Minnesota: Continental Society Sons of Indian Wars, 1997

Greene, Jerome A., Indian Wars Veterans Organizations New York: J.M. Carroll and
  Company, 1985

Greene, Jerome A., Indian War Veterans, Memories of Army Life and Campaigns in
   the West, 1864-1898
  New York:  Savas Beatie, 2007

Gwynne, S.C., Empire of the Summer Moon  New York: Scribner Publishing, 2010

Hatch, Thom, The Blue, The Gray, & The Red: Indian Campaigns of the Civil War 
   Pennsylvania: Stackpole Books,  2003

Hughes, Howard, The American Indian Wars  Harpenden, United Kingdom:  Pocket
  Essentials, 2001

Keenan, Jerry,  The Wagon Box Fight  Pennsylvania:  Savas Publishing Company, 2000

Laumer, Frank, Dade's Last Command!  Florida:  University Press of Florida, 1995

Lee, Nelson, Three Years Among the Comanches, The Narrative of Nelson, the
   Texas Ranger
Texas:  Bennett-Walls, 2003

Marshall, S.L.A.  Crimsoned Prairie, The Indian Wars on the Great Plains  New York:
  Charles Scribner’s and Sons, 1972

McDermott, John D., A Guide to the Indian Wars of the West  Nebraska: University of
  Nebraska Press, 1998

Michno, Gregory, Encyclopedia of Indian Wars : Western Battles and Skirmishes,
  Missoula: Mountain Press Publishing Company, Inc., 2003

Moore, William V., Indian Wars of the United States from the Discovery to the
   Present Time
  Pennsylvania: R.W. Pomeroy, 1842

Oatis, Steven J., A Colonial Complex, South Carolina's Frontier in the Era of the
   Yamasee War, 1680-1730,
Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln and
   London, 2004

Owsley, Frank Lawrence, Jr., Struggle for the Gulf Borderlands, The Creek War and
   the Battle of New Orleans 1812-1815
Alabama: The Univeristy of Alabama Press,

Rajtar, Steve, Indian War Sites, A Guidebook to Battlefields, Monuments, and
   Memorials - State By State with Canada and Mexico
  North Carolina:  McFarland &
  Company, Inc., 1999

Ramsey, William L.,
The Yamasee War, A Study of Culture, Economy, and Conflict in
   the Colonial South
  Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln and London, 2008

Ranck, George W., Boonesborough Kentucky: John P. Morton & Company, Filson Club,

Remini, Robert V., Andrew Jackson And His Indian Wars  New York: Viking Penguin,

Russell, Francis, The French and Indian Wars  New York:  Americans Heritage
  Publishing Company, 1962

Sides, Hampton, Blood and Thunder: An Epic of the American West  New York:
  Random House, 2006

Sipe, C. Hale, The Indian Wars of Pennsylvania  Maryland: Heritage Books, 1929

Smith, Sherry L., The View From Officers’ Row: Army Perceptions of Western
by Sherry L. Smith.  Arizona:  The University of Arizona Press, 1995

Stewart, Edgar I.,
Custer's Luck  Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press, 1955

Tebbel, John, The Compact History of the Indian Wars  New York:  Tower, 1967

Tebbel, John & Jennison, Keith, The American Indian Wars  New York: Bonanza Books,
  Harper and Row, 1960

Thrapp, Dan L., The Conquest of Apacheria Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press,

Utley, Robert M., Frontiersmen in Blue: The United States Army and the Indian,
New York: Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., 1967

Utley, Robert M., Frontier Regulars: The United States Army and the Indian, 1866-
New York: Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., 1973

Utley, Robert M. and Wilcomb E. Washburn, Indian Wars Massachusetts: Houghton
  Mifflin, 1977

Various, Great Western Indian Fights by Members of the Potomac Corral of the
 Nebraska:  University of Nebraska Press, 1966

Walton, George, Fearless & Free: The Seminole Indian War 1835-1842  New York: 
  The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc., 1977

Waselkov, Gregory A., A Conquering Spirit, Fort Mims and the Redstick War of
Alabama: The University of Alabama Press, 2006

Weems, John Edward, Death Song: Last of the Indian Wars  New York:  Indian Head
  Books, 1991

Wellman, Paul, I., Indian Wars and Warriors West  New York:  Doubleday & Co., 1954

Wheeler, Homer W., Buffalo Days  Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press/Bison Books,

Wilbarger, J.W., Indian Depredations in Texas  Texas:  Hutchings Printing House,
  1889 (reprinted by Bennett-Walls)

Williams, Glenn F., YEAR OF THE HANGMAN, George Washington's Campaign
   Against the Iroquois
  Pennsylvania:  Westholme Publishing, 2005

Woodward, Grace Steele, The Cherokees  Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press,

Wooster, Robert, The Military & United States Indian Policy 1865-1903 Nebraska:
  University of Nebraska Press, 1988

Yenne, Bill  Indian Wars, The Campaign for the American West  Pennsylvania: 
  Westholme Publishing, LLC,  2006


The Order of Indian Wars of the United States